Jingles & Original Music/Songs

Messrs. Brokaw and Refano have written and produced hundreds of ad jingles, songs and instrumental tracks
 that have appeared in a diverse collection of media, TV shows, documentaries and movies. Their work has appeared on: This Is Us; NCIS; The Sopranos; Saturday Night Live; The Young & The Restless; Northern Exposure; Ed; Dancing With The Stars; Third Rock From The Sun; Montel; Inside The NFL; Oprah; Chris Issak Show; Passions; America's Most Wanted; All My Children; Maury Povich; The Beach Boys: An American Family; Summerland, Any Day Now, and a host of others.

They have also written and produced over 200 instrumental music tracks for Sonoton Music , the world’s oldest and largest independent music library located in Munich, as well as music for other music companies world-wide.  As members of ASCAP, they are approaching 500 published works and are continually adding new titles.

Jingles written and produced for advertising and broadcast promo