Our team wanted to thank you for the great work on our corporate videos.

We were faced with extremely tight deadlines and needed someone to guide us through the process. Your responsiveness and advice was above and beyond and we are very happy with the results of your work.

Best regards.

Gary Bolnick, Command Direct

I'm very pleased with the way this video project came out. I communicated my vision, and you and Paul completely got it.  Don't think that goes unappreciated.   So thanks very much for excellent work.  I look forward to more in the coming year (and of course, I'd recommend your service to anyone who inquires..)


Hey Guys...Just wanted to let you know that the radio spot you did this week sounds GREAT (as usual). You did a wonderful job.  Thanks again! 

Steve Russo, Partner, MORBELLI-RUSSO


"The jingle you created for my show LIVE IT UP! is PERFECT. MAGICAL. Absolutely cool! So different and yet so in line with a national show. YOU are the bestest! 

Donna Drake, President, DRAKE MEDIA


"Media Mechanix was a pleasure to work with and made the production of our radio spots very turn-key. From arranging the talent (even picking them up at the train station), to selecting the music, the spots came out great."

Maureen Quinn, Vice President, AUSTIN & WILLIAMS Member AAAA

"Where do I begin? I have been writing and producing radio spots for many more years than I will ever admit to, working with the best radio houses in Manhattan for most of them. But without a doubt, MEDIA MECHANIX right here on Long Island is the best radio production studio I have ever been involved with, bar none! Talented, accommodating and responsive, Paul Brokaw and Joe Refano are the consummate professionals, always ready with just the right recommendations to ensure every spot is perfect. They arrange for talent, have an incredible sound library, and are absolute maestros when it comes to editing. If I ever work in Manhattan again, I will be taking the train to Huntington to do my radio work at MEDIA MECHANIX.."  

David Rockwell, CreativeDirector, HARRISON LEIFER DIMARCO Member AAAA

Paul and Joe,  Just wanted to let you know that the radio spot was approved yesterday.  We're good to go! Thanks, again, for your assistance with this project...things went very smoothly and I know I have you both to thank for that!  

Denise Schaefer, Account Executive, LKGS/NEW MEDIA

"Media Mechanix...Paul and Joe...Joe and Paul...They make it look easy and I know it's not easy."

Walter Reed, Vice President, CROWN ADVERTISING

"Media Mechanix has always brought a level of creative expertise, and "can do" attitude to every project we've worked on with them. They've become a great resource for our video work. Their resourcefulness and ability to quickly understand our client's needs and provide innovative solutions have been a big plus to LoBo & Petrocine."

Russ Petrocine, President, LOBO AND PETROCINE Member AAAA

"We are very happy with the great TV spots you've been doing for our FIOS clients. Thanks again and keep up the great work!".  

Scott Mounsey, Local Sales Manager, VIAMEDIA

"I have worked with Media Mechanix and its principals Joe Refano and Paul Brokaw to create and develop radio spots and television commercials, for two disparate companies - an automotive publication and website and in each case, the creative input from Joe and Paul helped us develop broadcast campaigns that created great "buzz" and brand awareness throughout the marketplace. Working with Media Mechanix from concept through the development of innovative radio spots and television commercials was a very enjoyable experience. Both Joe Refano and Paul Brokaw work very hard to establish a creative environment in which the client and all the creative talent find the place to output their very best. The "stuff" we produced at Media Mechanix allowed us to develop messages that brought us customers and established a name for my products and my companies. I might also add that working with them allowed me to develop advertising campaigns that created solid awareness of my brands and my company with output as good as anything from Madison Avenue and at substantially less cost. On top of that, they made what is often a tedious experience into one that was satisfying and fun. I highly recommend the services of Media Mechanix."

Daniel Boucher, President, IMPACT MEDIA

"Joe, Paul... All I can say at this time is Great Job on "Katie's Wish", the Make a Wish video documentary you created!!!!!!!!!I'm speechless at the moment! Thank You!"  

Alan Benasaraf, Sales & Marketing, BRENNER PHOTO PRODUCTIONS

"Hey Media Mechanix! Thanks for another job well done. Working with a tight schedule and a tight budget, you managed to create two great radio spots for our holiday campaign in record time and with really wonderful results! Please quote me because it's true. It's really good working with you guys."  

Chris Pervelis, Creative Director, CGP CREATIVE

"THANKS a million for turning around our TV edit on a dime. Those are the little things that make a relationship valuable and work for everyone. I'll remember this favor. Again, THANKS, ATTA BOY, KUDOS & ACCOLADES!"  

Michael Kitakis, CFO. LKG&S MARKETING

"Thank you Joe. We are very happy with the TV spot you produced for us. We look forward to working with you again in the future."  

Aaron Miller, Marketing Coordinator, AUDIO DEN

"When you need to get the job done right the first time, then it's time to call on the expertise of MEDIA MECHANIX. You are also assured of getting a hassle free product that will deliver amazing results."

Michael Deluise, VP of Development and External Affairs, DOWLING COLLEGE

"I don't have an Ad Agency, but I needed a jingle for my TV commercials. I found Media Mechanix on the internet and I'm glad I did. I am very happy with the job they did for me."  


"We are in the Automatic Transmission Parts manufacturing business. We came to MEDIA MECHANIX with an idea for a Video and Training project. What they gave us was beyond our imagination. We have added this series of videos to our webpage and continue to receive accolades from our industry."  

John Sollazzo - Sales/Marketing Manager - PRECISION INTERNATIONAL

"I worked with Media Mechanix when I was at Castro Convertibles...then Modells Sporting Goods and now my own agency and clients. We've done numerous radio commercials and several jingles. The name may have changed (from Sound Mechanix), but the work they do is still superior."

Richard Sirgiovanni, President, WATCHDOG ADVERTISING

"Media Mechanix always delivers amazing quality work for our agency's clients. They are terrific to work with, and their experience and exceptional creativity make every piece we do better. They surpass anyone I've worked with in Manhattan."  

Todd Brenard, Account Director, THE JAMES GROUP

"Radio only works when great creative is produced well. Recently, one of our campaigns produced over 50 new leads in the first week. MEDIA MECHANIX helped turn our idea into theatre, which produced great results. Thanks for a job well done."  

Michael Smith, President/CEO, LINX COMMUNICATIONS

"Thank you Media Mechanix for a job well done. We're out here in Michigan and that didn't stop you from doing a great jingle production for our client." 


"Joe and Paul have always come through for us no matter how tight our deadline or budget. They not only help bring our ideas to life, but enhance them considerably."  

Rick Bodamer, Partner-Creative Director, LOBO & PETROCINE Member AAAA

"These guys do great work. They've produced several jingles, TV spots, and radio commercials for us over the past few years, and everyone has been extremely satisfied with the results. They always go that little extra bit to get things done right. We would refer them to any agency or in-house ad team."  

Peter Anastasiadis, Vice President, TMG MEDIA GROUP

"I've worked with Media Mechanix for over 16 years. We've done award-winning work together, and I'm looking forward to many more years of the same."  

Ernie Canadeo, President EGC MEDIA GROUP

"The jingles you did for our internet radio station were terrific! You can quote me on that!"  


"We were very happy with the work performed by Media Mechanix producing our Jingle. The entire project was handled over the internet and the communication was excellent as were the follow- ups. The personal attention we received from their staff was stellar. I would strongly recommend Media Mechanix for your advertising needs as we have dealt with many media companies and have had a chance to experience the good and the not so good. We give Media Mechanix an A+ for creativity, personal attention to our needs, and follow-through to completion of our project. Most important of all their pricing matrix is very aggressive and they are able to offer you numerous solutions according to your budget."  

Ed Williams, CEO, Publisher, ZEROBROKERFEES.COM

"Creative, responsive and highly cooperative...these guys make our projects run smooth and our job easier. You won't regret hiring them."  

Charlie MacLeod, President, SANNA MATTSON MACLEOD Member AAAA

"We've had a long and friendly association with Media Mechanix going back nearly 15 years.They are completely responsive to our needs. They make our promotional lives a lot easier."  

David Feinblatt, STATION MANAGER, WLNY-TV 55

"As a supplier of production services to the cable industry, we've found Media Mechanix to be an indispensable resource. They're completely reliable and they do great work at the right price. When you need great audio, call these guys!" 

Robert Linekin, President, MAXMEDIA

"Joe-Thank you for the fine work on the jingle and commercials you created for Teachers Federal Credit Union. Our client and everyone here at Watchdog were delighted with the finished work. Over the years I have worked with many production houses, and MEDIA MECHANIX is the best I have ever seen when it comes to providing creative compositions that are truly memorable, and always backed up by excellent musicianship. I also appreciate that your work is always done on time and on budget, you'd be surprised how many folks can't stick to a timeline... Keep up the excellent work! We always enjoy working with you!"   


"Joe and Paul, you two are great artists. Every time our company needed Music, Voice Overs, Original Scores, or a simple track - you did it with PERFECTION. No hand holding, no 10 re-writes, or re-edits.. it was always right the first time. Keep up the good work."  

Ben Cerrone, President, MULTI-MEDIA GROUP INC.

"Experience is the best teacher. So, anytime I have a project that involves mixing or recording, MEDIA MECHANIX is my first choice."  

Gerry Gottlieb, President, RAPPORT ASSOCIATES

"Working with professionals who really know their stuff always makes life easier. To me, that defines MEDIA MECHANIX. We've done some pretty hairy sessions and complicated mixes with Joe and Paul, and every project clicked with a minimum stress. It's a pleasure when things get done right the first time, and--in the long run--it's more economical too."


"The most effective non-profit advocates employ professional media people to get the word out. Media Mechanix combines it's professionalism with real concern for Long island. The product reflects it".  

Dick Amper, President, PINE BARRENS SOCIETY

MEDIA MECHANIX is more than a LONG ISLAND VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY...they are Fun, creative people who enjoy exploring the possibilities.  It should also be noted that "Audio" is a significant part of "Video", & they're experts at that too!  Paul has mixed & sound designed over 70 broadcast long-form tv shows!  Oh BTW, don't make lunch plans with them either!

Ron Teller, President, MMA ASSOCIATES

"When I think of the most creative spots on Long Island, I know who's produced them. That's why I always choose MEDIA MECHANIX for my clients exclusively."  


"Although any radio station we advertised on would gladly cut a commercial for free, I decided to go with the professionals. For 5 years now, Joe & Paul have turned out a product...a commercial advertising our show...that is consistently startling. After all these years, and literally dozens of listens, I am still surprised by how good my commercial sounds.Considering you only have one chance to make a first impression, I'm glad that impression came out of the MEDIA MECHANIX studios."

Richard Hanf, Manager Events Centre, SPORTS PLUS HALLOWEEN SHOW

"The job Media Mechanix did for us is nothing short of spectacular. The proof is our greatly increased sales ... up almost 40%...I recommend them without reservation to any organization serious about advertising results."  


"We are a small shop and being able to synergize with a talented group like MEDIA MECHANIX is a tremendous plus."

Joe Jay Jalbert, President JALBERT PRODUCTIONS

"Don't let a hard rain spoil your project. Defintely better than working' on Maggie's Farm."  


"My car was making funny noises, so Joe and Paul fixed it right up for me. I then said, "Hey, you guys do radio commericals too?  Seriously...In the world of sound production, there are technicians and artists. Paul and Joe at Media Mechanix are the rare embodiment of both. I always look forward to working with them."


"We asked Media Mechanix to do a re-make of the old 60's tune Sugar Shack for Kozy Shack Pudding. The results were tremendous. Proof positive that the pudding is super and ya' gotta' hire those Mechanix guys. They did a great job for us... again!"  

Phil Franznick, President, STRATEGICS ADVERTISING Member AAAA

"I'm sure we'll be working together for many years to come!"  


"Thanks for the great work done on behalf of the Islanders. We appreciate it!"

Jill Knee, Director Of PR, NEW YORK ISLANDERS

"Working with these guys is FUN! They always have a great idea...they always find a way to do it better...they know what to do to create great work and make the clients happy too!"  

Geoff Mann, President, MANN MEDIA

"A great soundtrack....thanks so much!"  


Media Mechanix...the best..no contest..fast..creative..reliable..thanks guys!"

Burke Liburt, President ELLARY & BURKE

"You folks are super to work with!"

Fred Greenspan, President, TORTAMI METRO PROMOTIONS

"The turnaround time for a job of this magnitude was terrific!"


"Not only are the Media Mechanix talented, but working with them is lots of fun!"

Barbara Ravinett, Sales Manager, WALK RADIO

"The best video soundtrack I've ever heard! Thanks!"

Jeff Hopkins, President, JHD VIDEO PRODUCTIONS

"Thank you for your professional abilities and creative talents."  

Robert Coburn, President, COBURN & COBURN

"Joe Refano and Paul Brokaw of Media Mechanix are the two friendliest and talented audio engineers I've ever worked with. The audioplay we recorded at Media Mechanix was donated to every hospital in the United States with Pediatric Care, reaching 5.7million girls and boys, and has been universally praised by doctors and nurses.Thank you!"

Howard Menkes, President, THE CHEER FOUNDATION

"Perfect jingle...perfect price...perfect!"


"I've heard a lot worse."


"You guys are too good to be true. I'm truly impressed."

Sharon Ritterband, AE WQHT RADIO

"Talented pros, a solid no nonsense approach, consistently excellent results. What d'ya mean you don't use Media Mechanix? Are you kiddin'?!"  

Rick Kane, President, MAGNUM ADVERTISING

"I think that audio can be a really efficient and successful path to take for recruitment advertising, and Media Mechanix has helped us get to where we are going."  


"It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and we hope to do so in the future."  

Michelle Sheppard, Mktg Coordinator, AUTORITE STORES

"Your efforts, and those of your MECHANIX colleagues have made this year's presentation the best ever!"


"Not since my days in the "APPLE", have I found a more responsive group of creative professionals."

Lawrence J. Meyer, VP/Creative Director, L.F.O'CONNELL ASSOCS

"Thank you for years of excellent Radio & Jingle Productions. Consider this a recommendation!"

Harry Levine, President, AVANTI ADVERTISING

"I must single out Paul Brokaw for his undivided attention to this project. Finding people who want to do things "right" is hard to come by."

Mitchell Sherman, Director Of Mktg, GREENVALE CORPORATION

"Consistently top-notch! Easy to work with...we are very pleased by the Media Mechanix."  

Don Christiansen, Creative Director, SPERANZA ASSOCS

"The spots look and sound great. Thank you!"  

Ryan Halkett, Mktg Director, NY ISLANDERS

"Faced with extremely short deadlines, you were able to provide creative material in a helpful and professional manner. Let me convey our deepest thanks and appreciation."  

Marie Cuozzo, Sr VP, MAD AVENUE EAST

"When I needed a demo in two hours and then a final version nearly as fast, you came through for me. What a bunch of guys!"  


"John and I look forward to working with you again for AUTO EXPO.Thanks for the great job!"


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to personally thank you for your help and expertise on the Earth Day Song session. You are true professionals in both the work you do and the atmosphere you were able to create. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future."  

Gerard Barberine, President, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE

"Thank you for your help in my hour of need!"


"These guys have paid their dues in a big way. They are not a couple of stuffed shirts who promise the world and deliver inferior product. They love what they're doing and it shows."  

Dennis Daniel, Senior Broadcast Director, WALTER CAMERON ADVERTISING Member AAAA

"We observed how rare it is for a technician to be at home with his bells and whistles and his talent and clients. You displayed skill and competence in both areas. We look forward to working with you again."


"Your company is among the rare. You have been perfect. Responsive. Professional. Caring. Adaptable. Reasonable. Competitive. I am proud to know you all."  


"Just wanted you to know how great the reception was for the Ford Truck spot you produced for us."

Gerald Weiss, Vice President, MJA ADVERTISING ASSOCS

"I appreciate the speed and professional manner in which you guys knocked out our job. Consider this a recommendation."

Rik Shafer, President, RIK SHAFER ASSOCS

"Our efforts could not have succeeded without you. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."


"This letter is simply a formal way of thanking you for all the effort Media Mechanix put into our recent project. The project could not have come together without the generous time and expertise you and your staff devoted to it."  

Marvin Schiller, President, SCHILLER COMMUNICATIONS

"If you're serious about your audio, and you should be, call Media Mechanix. Thanks guys!"

Robert Sanna, President, SANNA MATTSON MACLEOD Member AAAA

"I appreciate your fine work as do our clients. Thanks for everything!"  

Richard D'Amico, Senior Vice President, GREENSTONE RABASCA Member AAAA

"I want to thank you and your staff for producing such a fine radio commercial for the Arthritis Foundation. Our Board of Directors thought it was great and wanted me to pass along their appreciation." 

Arthritis Foundation, LI Chapter

"Hey! These guys have done great work for me for many different clients over many years."  

Tony Pasquiriello, Sr AE, EGC MEDIA GROUP

"It's really been great working with Media Mechanix. You have provided our voice over, recording, sound and editing needs over the past 17 years. Your quality is superb and your finished product is always excellent. We get contacted by various studios - but we wouldn't go anywhere else. You guys are the best!"  


"More than just technicians, Joe and Paul work closely with us as part of our creative team, helping get the most out of every spot. We have been using Sound Mechanix for years, and now MEDIA MECHANIX, and we would hesitate to use anyone else. Our reel, as well as theirs, speaks volumes about their ablilities. We highly recommend them."  

Mario Morbelli Jr, President, CCO, MORBELLI, RUSSO & PARTNERS

"Thank you for the consistently excellent production work you have done for our clients for several years. We appreciate your enthusiasm and the results have been great!"  

Robert Salomone, President, ROBERT MARTIN ADVERTISING